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Gilmer County in central West Virginia, like many other counties, is located on the Allegheny Plateau. It is known for its oil and natural gas wells, livestock, fruit, potatoes, corn, and timber.

The county government is located in Glenville, a college town and trading center for agricultural products. During the Civil War a minor skirmish called the Battle of Tank Hill was fought here. Glenville State Teachers' College was founded here in 1872. A 122-acre agricultural demonstration farm provided food for the dormitory kitchens. Gilmer County was founded in 1845.

Thomas Walker Gilmer served as Governor of Virginia in 1840 and 1841. Four years later, Gilmer County was named in his honor. Gilmer was later elected to Congress, where he opposed the dictatorial views expressed by Henry Clay. Still later Gilmer served as Secretary of the Navy in President Tyler's cabinet. Centrally located, Gilmer County has an area of some 342 square miles.